PB The GOAT is an OG YouTube waver with a channel called Poppy Blasted where he posts a mix of hairstyling videos, in particular 360 wave tutorials, as well as reactions and story times. He has accrued more than 270,000 subscribers over the years and has also gained a massive following on Instagram for his wave care product line “PB The Goat Merch”. Particularly, his famous “Goat Drip Butter”.

Before Fame

He debuted on YouTube in March of 2014 with a video called “360 waves Quick update 7 weeks wolfing!”. Since then he has expanded from just videos to actual products, merchandise and butters. He is the perfect example of a YouTube waver who honed in his talents to become an extremely successful entrepreneur.

Straight Facts

He reached the 100,000 follower milestone for his pb_the_goat Instagram account in November of 2018.