27 of the Flyest Black Men Beard Styles 🧔🏿

Adopting a hairstyle with a beard is very common among black men. Black men have adopted these styles for years already. In the black community, these beard styles has been popular for a long time.

Though there are many ways black men beards come to the limelight, the styles of beard cuts do not only go best with their hairstyle. It also goes with the appearance of their face and the color of their skin. If you are a bearded man looking for a style to assert your look, here are some ideas to help you pick a perfect style.

Best Beard Styles for Black Men

Below, we have made a list of the best beard styles for black men. Thus, you will have a wide choice, ranging from the goatee to the very long and thick beards. They will inspire you for the next time you go to your hairdresser or barber.

Beards are important to black men; the more stylish the beard, the more confident you are about your appearance. Combined with a fresh hairstyle and outfit, there ain’t nothing to stop you.




  1. The Full Beard

The full beard is a very common style among black men. This type of thick beard strengthens the masculine and virile appearance of a man. This beard also adapts to all face shapes. It is necessary to maintain it with beard oil to keep a soft texture and for the beard to be healthy.

These beard styles for black men embodies virility. It radiates strong manhood and great self-confidence. It adapts to faces of all shapes. It particularly suits men with a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face.


  1. The Goatee

The goatee is a beard style that embodies elegance and style. It is particularly appreciated in a professional environment and is not overlooked. It is a beard located only at the level of the chin. It requires significant maintenance, and the rest of the face must be shaved to bring out the goatee.

Very popular with movie stars, it is also a very classic trend and has been a fashion among black men for a very long time. It is perfect for a face with a square jaw and short hair. What makes these beard styles for black men special is that it is worked around the mouth.


  1. The Classic Beard

This style of beard is suitable for those who practice facial hair. It is neither too long nor too short with a thick cover. Have it in mind that this style is not suitable for everyone. We recommend that you opt for a young hairstyle to go with this beard styles for black men. This will enable you to interpret this classy look in a modern style. Otherwise, opt for a hairstyle on the side and strong-hold wax for a vintage approach.


  1. The Moustache

The moustache is a style of beard that gives a very subtle and fresh look to the face. As for its finish, you can have a thick or thin mustache, depending on the desire of its wearer. But it’s best to shave white and keep your face clean to keep that air fresh.

These beard styles for black men highlights the beard with longer hairs at the level of the mustache. To achieve this result, care is taken to trim your mustache less often to give more density to the mustache. It is ideal if you have holes and non-uniform hairiness. This is because the mustache diverts attention, and we notice less the holes in the beard.


  1. The Five O’clock Beard

Also known as five o’clock shadow, the five o’clock beard is a classy look for black men. This style of beard involves leaving your beard to grow for a few days. After this, you will have to trim it down with an electric shaver.

With this beard style, the only sculpting required is to shave the edges of your beard on your cheek and neck. This is because it is a natural and simple look. Rather than a sharp line, ensure that the line is graduated to retain the simple vibe of this style of beard.


  1. The 3 Day Beard

This beard style is well suited for black men who like short hair. Wearing this beard with a little hair on the top provides the wearer with a classy look. The sides are degraded to white before having the beard cut to a few millimeters. This type of beard is very easy to wear on a daily basis. It does not need any particular care, but requires to trim the beard every two days. Otherwise, the hair will grow too much.

As the name suggests, this is a beard that gives the impression that we have not shaved for three days. Even if it is very fashionable, these beard styles require daily maintenance. To maintain it, you will need a trimmer to trim it, as well as a fine comb to discipline the hairs of your beard.


  1. The Short Beard

The short beard is a beard similar to the 3-day beard, with the difference that it is more intended for men who have a sparse beard. Just like the 3-day beard styles for black men, you will need to maintain it daily. However, you can let it grow a few more days so that your beard looks thicker. It is a type of beard that women appreciate because, to them, the men who wear it seem more virile and mature. Don’t forget to trim and discipline the hair always with a fine comb.

The short beard is becoming a trendy beard. For those bald men who like to bring their beards a little beyond stubble, this is a very good option. And yes, it will take a little more time since you have to wait for the beard to grow for almost two weeks or a little more. That depends on the density of facial hair you have. Once you succeed, start trimming with the barber to give it the length you want.


  1. The Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail style of beard is a good compromise between the wild and well-groomed beard. The upper part of the beard is short while the lower part lets go a little, but only up to a certain limit.

The Ducktail style is, at the same time, neat, sophisticated, and wild. Women love men who maintain their style and who are both manly. It is a style that matches men with rectangular faces perfectly.


  1. The Mutton Chops Beard

The mutton chops beard styles for black men is a style that has crossed the ages. It gives a very distinctive look to your face. The favorites are long and extend to the corner of the mouth, but are not connected by a mustache or beard on the chin.

If you like vintage styles, this beard is for you. The mutton chops beard works well with oval faces and should be avoided if you have a pointed chin.


  1. Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

The Friendly Mutton Chops is not very different from the mutton chops beard style. You just have to add a piece of the puzzle, that is, the mustache. The long favorites are connected by a mustache.

If you wear the Friendly Mutton Chops beard, you should not be afraid to go against convention. That is why it is not surprising that many hippies appreciate this type of beard styles for black men. If you have an oval or rectangular face, the Friendly Mutton Chops will work well for you.


  1. The Circular Beard

This is a style of beard that looks perfect on mostly all black men with any face shape. These beard styles for black men come with an idea that creates a small thin beard strip. It goes through the jawline to the goatee right from the ears. The goatee grows a bit longer to emerge the focal point.

Everything will be rounded to the chin beard right from the mustache, then up towards the ear. This classy style is for black men who prefer keeping things mystical and yet mature at the same time.


  1. The Stubble Beard

This is one of the beard styles for black men that gives a pretty and carefree look. Once you have decided to wear a beard, it begins with its care, therefore do not forget to fix your hair. Check very well since they can be scattered on the upper part of the cheeks. Also, the touch-ups need to be done at the height of the Adam’s apple.

All these will help you to make your face look much better and tidier. Stubble beards suits any type of face, be it oval, round, square, or elongated.


  1. The Sculpted Beard

It is a beard style found a lot in the young generation. It is a short beard whose contours are drawn neat and accurately. For this, it is necessary to draw the contours using a manual razor or a precision trimmer. The result obtained is very clear, and it allows wearing a beard in all circumstances.

In addition, these are beard styles for black men that require daily maintenance. This is because it has the advantage of offering a very clean beard. This kind of beard is highly appreciated by women because it gives a clean and elegant look. It is better suited for dense locations.


  1. The Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard style is made up of three parts: a mustache and a fly beard combined with a chin beard. The Balbo style of beard has a fascist past, but style and politics don’t need to be confused. Even if you think about it, few people wear a Hitler mustache for obvious reasons.

Balbo style wearers are bold, elegant, and confident. And as if that is not enough, it is a style that many women find sexy. These beard styles for black men are very suitable for black men with a square face and a diamond shape.


  1. The Bald Man Beard

This style of beard is a masterpiece that never goes out of style for black men. Mostly worn by bald men, these full beard styles for black men is luxurious and thick. It climbs the jawline right to the ear edges. Beyond this edge, no hair can proceed higher.

This beard style commands attention. Most times, men with full hairs on their head will shave bald only to get the attention that this look commands.


  1. Nicolas II Beard

This is a beard style which was very worn at the beginning of the 20th Century. But it made a noticeable comeback, especially among hipsters. It consists of a long beard and long mustaches formed with wax.

Like many long beards, these beard styles for black men need adequate maintenance. This prevents it from looking neglected. You will indeed have to clean your beard with beard shampoo, nourish it with beard oil, fix it and discipline it with wax.


  1. The Chin Curtain Beard

The chin curtain style is a beard that grows along the jaw to turn into a beard at the level of the chin. It is trimmed carefully along the chin, starting from the sideburns to the jawline in a perfect line, then back up to the other side. It is appropriate that men shave off their moustache to maximize the look of this beard style.

With these beard styles for black men, daily trimming is required to help it stand out. It doesn’t need some precision or any special skill to get it right. It suits men with an oval face and also those with a large head.


  1. The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi are beard styles for black men which is ideal for those who do not have enough time to keep a beard. To grow this beard, you need to stop shaving for about 4 months until it reaches 15-20 cm. Then trim the bottom of the beard to give it a round appearance.

This style of beard requires the facial hairs to be grown out long in the shape of the letter “U”, right below the chin. The closer the “U” shape can be achieved, the better the full appearance. This beard style is more suitable for men with oval and rectangular faces.


  1. Hollywood Beard

Many Hollywood stars have adopted this beard style at some point in their careers, hence, its name. To get it, you have to let your beard grow and completely cut off the legs (sideburns). It is a beard style very close to the goat and which defines your jaw.

These are vintage and stylish beard styles for black men that appeals to men who love movies from the 70’s. It is a beard that is particularly suitable for men with square faces.


  1. The Carved Beard

Black men often go for this style of beard. This is because it enables them to express their classy personality better. These beard styles for black men consist of a perfectly shaped contour. It requires skill and dedication to master.

A razor or precision trimmer is used in sculpting the mustache, neck, goatee, and cheekbones. This style is ideal for black men with dense beard hairs. To maintain this look, you need to work on it daily.


  1. Van Dyke Beard

This type of beard styles for black men was inspired by the famous portrait painter “Anthony Van Dyke”. It could be in form of a goat or goatee, a little longer than the classic form. It is made up of a straight goat on the chin and a mustache. The mustache and the goat do not meet at the corner of the lips.

The authentic Van Dyke beard consists of a pointed goatee with a well-sculpted fly. However, if your mustache is longer and your goat thinner, it will be an imperial beard.


  1. The Bushy Beard

This style of beard is an audacious look which can be suitable to fit any black man. Since it hides the lower part of the face, the beard can be trimmed to balance your features. It also provides a strong jawline, thereby making your face look longer.

These beard styles for black men can make one look more mature and older. This is because, they require a solid foundation of hair and it also takes time to grow.


  1. The Hipster Beard

The hipster beard is a style of beard that was previously favored by seniors. However, it has become fashionable again, mainly among hipsters. You must start by brushing your beard in the opposite direction of the hair, then in the normal direction. After this, cut the hair that protrudes with a scissor.

These beard styles for black men measures several centimeters. it requires work if you do not want to appear neglected. Contrary to what one might think, the hair does not have to be the same length over the entire beard to have a nice shape. With this beard, daily brushing is essential to untangle the hairs using a brush or beard comb.


  1. Soul Patch

This beard style for black men is the simplest among the rest. The soul patch beard is a strip of facial hair which could be trimmed about any width, extending down from the lower lips to the chin.

However, the mustache acts as a compliment to these beard styles for black men. They can go through to the center of the chin, thereby creating the chin strap.


  1. The Anchor Style Beard

To get this beard style, you will have to make a series of combinations of other styles. For example, the beard necklace or the goatee. To achieve this, you need to have a very good pulse when making the edges where the neck and chin meet. In the part you make the knob, you must sculpt in a rectangular way, the hairs that are between the upper lip and the chin.

On the part of the mustache, the tips should be facing out. These beard styles for black men require discipline. This is because you must keep the cheek and neck area very shaved, otherwise, the cut will disappear. The anchor-shaped beard works well with round and triangular faces.


  1. The Split Beard

This style of beard is a killer style. It has become all the heat for black men with each release of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

These beard styles for black men are suitable for men who want to have a spontaneous and wild appearance. And at the same time, look cool and collected. To wear this style, leave your beard to grow thick for a while. Then you can split it into two when it starts extending past the chin.


  1. The Biker Beard

The biker beard style is a striking look that draws attention. It consists of shaving your beards, so it’ll be longer at the chin and keeping the sides straight at the same time. To grow this beard, time is required. It also requires extra care to prevent it from looking scraggly and messy. Regular trimming is appropriate for these beard styles for black men. Making use of moisturizing beard oils is also recommended for this beard style.

It is advisable to prevent using lanolin-based oils as they can result in the clogging of pores. However, you can make use of products with jojoba, tea tree, and coconut oils. This is necessary to keep your skin and beards looking perfect.


Black men can keep any style of beard. You can get inventive with the style that will suit your routine, hair type, and lifestyle. It is up to you to decide on the look of your own, the particular type of beard styles for black men that have been popular in recent times.

When you rock any of these beard styles, whatever the style you decide on will be the one that will provide you with a suitable and desired look.

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