Quick Tips – 5 Things to avoid as a waver – @360_juic3

When developing and maintaining waves, we often think about what TO do. Like brushing, moisturizing, ragging up, wolfing, etc., but have you thought about what NOT to do? One of favorite wavers (and one of the highest ranked wavers on the app) @360_juic3 lists the top five things to avoid as a waver. Pay attention.

1 – Sleeping without a durag: This is the number one cause of wavers losing progress. Sleeping without a durag will MURDER your waves if your hair isn’t trained.

2 – Swimming without a durag: Just don’t do it. Wear a swim cap.

3 – Showering without a durag: Wear a shower cap or durag to protect your hair.

4 – Working out without a durag: Always make sure to rag up while hitting the gym

5 – Getting your hair wet: Basically this is the whole theme of the video. Just don’t get your hair wet.

Video credits to @360_juic3 for always making the best IG and TikTok videos. If you’re a waver and not following him, you’re slacking big time. Make sure to follow him and show some love!