Product Review – Wave Builder All Natural Pomade

For our first product review we wanted to give ya’ll the inside scoop on a product that has proved to be great at wave development, WaveBuilder All Natural Pomade.

Price – One unit of this product will run you around 8 bucks depending on where you get it from. Although Walmart carries a lot of the wave builder products, it seems like this pomade in particular can only be found in mostly beauty supply stores. This price isn’t bad at all since it’s under $10, but for a tiny unit of pomade I would expect it to be $5 or below.

Effectiveness – This product gets the job done without putting too much work into it. You can use just about a nickel sized amount of it for your entire head and it will definitely lay your curls down and keep them there if you immediately rag up afterwards. Wake up the next day and you’ll see a significant amount of improvement. This is a very lightweight pomade that can probably be used every day if you’d like.

Scent – This is probably the only downside of this product. It does not smell great. The smell is not bad, but it’s not great either. It actually has a smell similar to shea butter. If they added some sort of fragrance to this pomade then it would definitely be worth an extra dollar or two.

Longevity – We base our longevity at daily use. So if you start to use this product the beginning of a wolf, at a dime sized (recommended) amount per day, you’re going to get a solid 2 months out of it. Since this is a very lightweight pomade, we recommend using this at the beginning of scalp and switching over to a heavier pomade once your wolf thickens up. This product doesn’t really hold up if your hair is above a 2 or so. If you’re going to use this on longer hair, you’ll be better off if you’re a medium or straight hair waver.

Bottom Line – This is a great product for beginner wavers who are trying to lay their curls down quickly and get a pattern going with a product that won’t add too much gunk to their hair. Definitely recommend buying this for the early wolf stages but once the hair thickens up you may want to switch over to thicker pomade like Murrays or just switch over to natural oils and use multiple compression.