The best YouTube Wavers – Who is the greatest OG waver?

The best YouTube Wavers – Who is the greatest OG waver?

Back in the day when the ‘YouTube Wavers” started becoming a trend, there weren’t really too many “trusted” sources. Anyone with a brush and a durag was throwing up just about any kind of information and called themselves a YouTube Waver, but there were only a handful of creators who actually created both informational and unique videos.

We all know who the OG YouTube wavers are and appreciate everything that they’ve done for the wave game! These legends have been doing it for years and are still leaving a huge impact on the wave community today.

360 Jeezy

360 jeezy waves

360 Jeezy is a Hair stylist and barber known for showcasing his 360 waves tutorials on his popular YouTube channel @360Jeezy. He also showcases how to cut your own hair and cut other’s hair. His Instagram account is also very popular, where you can find both his original IG posts and YT content. Many wavers consider him to be the original “GOAT” of the wave game. Back in the day when there weren’t many wavers showcasing tutorials and tips on YouTube, 360 Jeezy had one of the only accounts that were valuable.

Sir Cruse

sir cruse waves

Born William Cruse Jr, he gained fame as a YouTube creator with his 360 waves hair tutorials and reaction videos. His videos have been watched more than 33 million times. Sir Cruse has recently taken TikTok and Instagram by storm with his hilarious reaction videos and product reviews. Definitely the most entertaining out of the OG wavers.

PB The Goat

pb the goat merch 360 waves

PB The GOAT is an OG YouTube waver with a channel called Poppy Blasted where he posts a mix of hairstyling videos, in particular 360 wave tutorials, as well as reactions and story times. He has accrued more than 270,000 subscribers over the years and has also gained a massive following on Instagram for his wave care product line “PB The Goat Merch”. Particularly, his famous “Goat Drip Butter”.

360 Wave Process

360 wave process rashad

360WaveProcess has been helping individuals learn how to get 360 waves since 2012. The brand began on YouTube and has grown to reach tens of millions. was launched in 2013.

The 360WaveProcess brand values brotherhood and ultimately family. This is why as a collective the 3WP support base identifies with our label known as the 3WP Wave Family.

360 Wave Process serves as a catalyst to inspire men and women to take pride in themselves and their appearance.

Who’s your favorite out of these 4?

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