Achieving Perfect 360 Waves: The Art of Wolfing

In the world of 360 waves, “wolfing” refers to the practice of letting your hair grow out for an extended period, typically around four to six weeks. This period of hair growth allows the waves to develop deeper and more defined patterns. Wolfing is a crucial step in the 360 wave process, as it helps to train the hair to lay down and form the desired wave pattern.

The Benefits of Wolfing

During the wolfing stage, the hair’s length provides the necessary weight and support to create more prominent and defined waves. The added length also allows for better manipulation and training of the hair, resulting in a more uniform wave pattern. By allowing the hair to wolf, wavers can achieve a more pronounced and visually striking wave pattern that sets them apart from the rest.

Proper Maintenance During Wolfing

While wolfing, it’s essential to maintain proper hair care practices to ensure healthy hair growth and wave development. Regular brushing and moisturizing are key to managing the longer hair and preventing issues such as dryness and breakage. Additionally, using a durag or wave cap consistently can help to set the hair and prevent frizz, ultimately aiding in the formation of well-defined waves.

Training Your Waves

Wolfing provides the ideal opportunity to train your hair to lay down in the desired wave pattern. By brushing regularly and employing proper wave techniques, such as the use of wave pomades and oils, individuals can encourage their hair to conform to the 360 wave pattern. This training period is crucial for achieving the coveted 360 waves with maximum depth and definition.

Patience Is Key

Achieving 360 waves through wolfing requires patience and dedication. It’s important to stay committed to the process and maintain a consistent routine of brushing, moisturizing, and wearing a durag to train the hair effectively. By embracing the wolfing stage and staying disciplined in the hair care regimen, wavers can attain the desired results of well-defined and captivating 360 waves.

Use the EveryWaver app to track your wolf

The EveryWaver app provides a free tool called the “Wolf Tracker” that helps you keep count of how many days and weeks you’ve been wolfing. Often times we forget how long it’s been since our last cut, but the wolf tracker eliminates that problem. Wolfing waves can be complicated, so the wolf tracker also provides you with tips along the way depending on what stage of the wolfing process you’re on. Download the app and try it out!

Wolfing waves ain’t easy – trust the process

Your next haircut after wolfing will give you great results if you’re staying consistent through the process! Once your curl pattern is locked in you can begin to wolf for longer. But when you’re first starting out with your pattern, it’s better to wolf for shorter time intervals and go longer as your pattern comes in. Also, be sure to use a comb while wolfing to train your hair. Since you will have more hair, you’ll need to detangle it more often in order to add more definition to your waves.

The Wolfing process is further explained: