3 Styling Tips for Black Men in Their 50’s

Getting older doesn’t mean that you are supposed to get out of the fashion market. No matter how much your skin is wrinkled, hairs turned grey or fall off, everything ultimately becomes stylish when you adopt the right fashion.

More interestingly, the aging factor is, in fact, a blessing in disguise that gives you ample options to try the things that you had never tried before, especially in your youth.

So don’t take your seniority for granted, you have  a lot more things to do once you cross into your 50s.

Here are the three major tips that you can follow to dress sharp past the age of 50 and take full advantage of your growing age.

  1. Groom Yourself:

With the growing age, our body tends to perform differently. Consequently, our ears get enlarge, bellies begin to protrude, and hairs starts to fall. It would be great if you look at these things first.

Consider Changing Your Hairstyle – Most older men prefer to have the same haircut that they’ve been getting since their early 20s. Be unconventional and try some new hairstyles based on your hair counts.

For instance, at the age of 50 or over it, you can go for a natural messy hairstyle. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing hair loss and have left with few stray hairs that make you an odd-looking personality, consider a completely bald head over it and pair it with a nice beard.

Hair Dye Typically, men who dye hair in sharp colors easily identify themselves as old. It’s because of the solidness of the color that emphasizes their age. We suggest you don’t go for a solid color dye and keep the natural mixture of grey and black instead.

If you’ve got entirely snowy white hair and still want to dye your hair, consider visiting a hairstylist for that and not a local barber. The reason is, the hairstylist dyes the hair according to the face while the barber paints the overall surface.

Trim Unwanted Hairs and Thread Eyebrows – The hairs growing out of your nose and ears are the most noticeable points that usually distract people from coming nearer to you. Buy a trimmer to get rid of those nasty hairs regularly. Also, thread the curly eyebrows that are so hairy that you comb them.

Spend Considerable On Quality Skincare Products – Do special care of your aging skin by using quality anti-aging moisturizers and skin conditioners to get a spotless, shiny skin. The soap you use to wash your face should be different from the one you use in the shower. It should be designed to cleanse the face and moisturize the skin gently.

  1. Pick the Right Clothing Style:



Before we dive into the style ocean to give you the best clothing options, we advise you never to try to dress like a young guy. Your primary focus should be on adopting the most suitable style, not on dragging your age back.

Hunt for Perfect Style Leather Jacket – You may find many fashionistas arguing that older adults should not wear leather jackets being over distinguished. Conversely, we suggest you go for one because the leather jackets for men are the finest outwear to make you look smarter, sharper, and trendy regardless of age, complexion, and physique.

All you have to do is pick the right style and fit. There’re so many leather outers out there in the market. Companies like Angel Jackets are providing leather jackets mens styles that go along with your overall look, which is the combination of your face, hair, and style.

Also, being over 50 is not just a matter. Your personality also plays a vital role in making your style statement. You may be renowned as a biker in your social circle for decades, so attiring a racer style leather jacket would not be a mismatch for you.

Go for Expensive Suits – The actual value of expensive clothing isn’t how much you pay for it. It is how often you wear it and feel in it. A suit that costs you around $600 + is far better than that cheaper ill-fitted suit that you might hardly be able to wear once satisfactorily.

At the cliff of your age, don’t be afraid to change your brand preferences, especially when your body changes drastically. Most importantly, avoid wearing off the rack suits since they’re sized for the average young men of the population. So definitely they won’t fit you well right on the shoulders.

It’s the right time to spend luxuriously on yourself. Search for a brand with expert artisans, and get a tailored fit suit out of quality fabric and material.

Round & Polo Necks Both Acceptable with Certain Exceptions – You’re totally allowed to wear polo neck shirts. They are even more advisable than round necks.

Although, you can also wear round neck shirts if you’re on the stocky side but ignore them if your body is losing weight.

While selecting the t-shirts, make sure there should not be any sort of comments on them. Otherwise, for style and color, you can choose any one as far as it suits your complexion and shape except sports shirts as casual wear.

No Ripped, Acid, Baggy, & Bootcut Jeans – Beyond the age of 50, the said styles might suit the celebrities but not a common man. They get paid for what they wear, so it’s not necessarily true that whatever they wear would work for others as well.

The straight cut moderate fit basic color jeans are an ideal choice for you. They look decent on both husky and chunky bodies; besides, they would secure you from societal stereotypes.

  1. Compliment The Style with Accessories:



Change the Taste for Ornament – Here, we are not talking about the neck chains, earrings, or bracelets because no one expects you to wear it. By ornament, we mean a wristwatch that polishes your endpoints. Stop wearing the classic gold color wristwatch because it’s only you in the world who knows its preciousness.

Try nowadays’ in classic style smart watches. By this, people will know how updated you’re with the technologies. It will also change people’s perspective about you.

Youngsters Vintage Specs Are Not for You – Wearing silver or gold frame eyeglasses will automatically make you look out of the era. The youngsters might be wearing this kind of stuff but you shouldn’t. They’re representing the vintage style, which looks cool on them, but it will not give you the same look since you’ve already tried them.

You, on the other hand, should wear either rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses. These styles are more elegant and new to you than the tortoise style or big frame eyeglasses.

Wear Trending Shoes – The flat face white and black loafers replicate the same look of classic canvas shoes that you used to wear in your school and college days. With swiftly changing trends, buy shoes that are sober in colors, new in style, low heel, and comfortable to wear. Also, quit wearing the 70s long neck boots unless you’re really riding a horse.

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