The Best Fall Boot Options for Black Men (Group / Email Poll)

The Best Fall Boot Options for Black Men (Group / Email Poll)


I asked whats good with fall boots options fellas? In both the FB group and on the email list.

Here’s what yall had to say…

The votes are clear…Chelseas by far. My favorite are desert boots personally. Wanted to come through and give you some solid options for all four categories…

I’ve got high and less expense options in all of the categories, except for Timbs of course. Go ahead and check these out to get you right for fall. Remember, shoes are often expensive but investing in quality is worth it.

  1. Chelsea Boots

Chelseas are it, chief. Their silhouette is iconic…and you can wear them year round if they really want. They’re always in style. That said, I prefer them during cold temperatures.

On the other hand, that camel suede color is iconic, and you can pair them with bright shirts in warmer temperatures if you want.

You dress these up and down…business or pleasure. They’re super versatile too. So make sure you have some in your collection.

High Quality Option

Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots

Less Expensive Option

Ben Sherman Men’s Chelsea Boots (on Amazon)

  1. Desert Boots / Chukkas

Man, these are my personal favorite. The people spoke though!

For fall and especially winter, it don’t get any better than some nice desert (chukka) boots. They go with anything, from suits to jeans to khakis…

There are even some low top options if you want to rock these with your shorts in warmer seasons. Unlike Chelseas.

The long toe, clean seamless shape, short laces. They’re a perfect option for warmer, richer tones.

High Quality Option

Clarks Desert Boots

Less Expensive Option

Steven Madden Hardenn @ Nordstrom

  1. Leather Dress Boots

Well I probably should named this different in the survey, but I was thinking of general leather dress boots. What’s the best option here?

Make sure you’re investing in strong craftmanship. Go up a bit in price, because you want top notch quality. Something built to last.

Of tons of options, I like these Marc Josephs:

Marc Joseph New York Men’s Genuine Leather

  1. Timberland Boots

You already know.

These are synonymous with the brand, they basically invented their own style of boot. A fall boot? Not necessarily, at least for me. But a tough cold weather boot.

I don’t have these in my wardrobe anymore, but theres no denying you need a pair on those rainy, snowy days. They’re tough and durable.
I would style these with casual outfits only. And pants of course – can’t wear these with shorts.

Check it:

Premium Waterproof Leather Work Boots

That’s all! If any other favorite options, hit me up and I’ll add to the list.

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