EveryWaver app now supports a variety of natural hair styles and content

Ever since the initial launch of EveryWaver back in August of 2019, it has been strictly for wavers but we’ve decided to switch things up a bit exactly 2 years later. It’s our 2 year anniversary and with the latest app update, we are opening up our platform to be used by all types and styles of natural hair! This is an all-inclusive initiative that we have thought about since the beginning, but decided to go ahead and roll with now. With this change we have added a few different options to make the app experience slightly more generic in order to suit a variety of natural hair styles and natural hair care content.

Account types (Styles)

On the profile settings screen, you will now see three new options for “Style” (formerly “wave pattern”). These new options include curls, braids, and dreads. Setting this option on your account will help us to better personalize your app experience in future releases. It will also help others with the same style find your posts easier.

Post tags

With the addition of styles, we have also finally added support to add a single tag to your post. When creating a post, tap on the “#” button at the top of the screen. This will then give you the option to select one tag to attach to your post. The current tag options include waves, curls, cuts, hair care, dreads, and a few more! When posts are tagged, you can tap on the tag from your home screen to see a collection of posts with that same tag. This feature has replaced the “Swim” page and has been renamed to “Explore”

Video Content

We have added more playlists to the videos tab to include new hair styles and general hair care content for all.


We will soon start publishing more variety in our written stories from a handful of the most reputable hair care blogs.

Hair Journey (Formerly Progress Log)

We have added a new progress type for hair growth. You can log the growth of your hair in millimeters, centimeters, or inches!

With all of these changes, we aim to serve the entire community of black hair through our technology while still keeping the core culture of EveryWaver alive. Not much, if anything at all, has changed for our wavers. We are just expanding our brand and adding a new diverse component to it! Ya’ll have fun, post some heat, and run those scores up!!

Download the latest version to see what’s new