360 Waves Depth vs 360 Waves Definition – A Breakdown by mwave2020

Top EveryWaver @mwave2020 not only drops some of the most 🔥 kill shots on the EveryWaver app, he is also out here dropping knowledge on the gram!! It’s good to see some more informative posts out here rather than the typical flex.

“I see these two categories confused a lot and just to clarify they are two completely opposite things and I approach them completely different from one another . When I think of **DEPTH** I think of waves close to the scalp as low as your hair’s curl length will allow. You won’t completely realize how much depth a person has until they cut low . To me, combs and 7 row brushes are the best tools to penetrate a deep wolf due to the bristles being spaced out enough to allow the hair to get in between !

*DEFINITION* however has more to do with the appearance of your waves. Clean, healthy and shiny hair will give off a 3D like effect that makes your waves look more dark,full and defined . Keep a consistent routine for your washes and moisturizing methods . Research sealing oils vs. moisturizing oils and learn when to use each . Clean moisturized hair will be more defined . Lastly utilize your soft brush (properly ) either at the end of your session or when your hair is properly laid to distribute sebum and natural hair oils that promote shine . **Soft brushing hair that is not properly trained to lay down will not help you with definition . ** “

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