Instagram wavers, here’s the top 5 wave pages you should follow

360 waves on Instagram is nothing new. Wave pages have been around for years, and over the years the creativity, variety and selection of wave pages to follow on Instagram has grown tremendously Here is our list of some of the top accounts that all Instagram wavers should be following.

1 – TopWavers

Top Wavers (@topwavers) is the king and creator of the “wave page”. Without a doubt, every single waver who calls themself a waver should be following TopWavers. This page never goes dry, with daily content sometimes over 10 posts a day.

The variety of posts that TopWavers shares is very diverse, ranging from wave tips to sports to comedy. The Top Wavers Instagram is the ultimate wave page that has been leading the game for years.

2 – EveryWaver

EveryWaver Instagram

The best wave pages on Instagram can’t be ranked without us! EveryWaver joined Instagram in late 2019 as a platform to promote our mobile app, but quickly grew into one of the most popular wave pages out there. Our page is pretty consistent, with content ranging from 2-3 posts a day. EveryWaver rotates it’s content pretty consistently also, by routinely mixing in 360 wave tips, wave checks, 360 wave products, spurts of comedy, and the usual promotional content for our app. As one of the fastest up and coming wave pages, you should definitely be following @everywaver.

3 – Wave Check Geant

Wave Check Geant on Instagram

We discovered @wave_check_geant in the middle of 2020 and it has grown to become one of our personal favorites. As stated in their bio “La page officielle des Wavers 🇫🇷”, Wave Check Geant is a French based wave page that posts some real gems that the American wave pages often look over. Their content is consistent, but not overwhelming. Often consisting of simple wave check videos and French wave battles. We have discovered a lot of great wavers through the Wave Check Geant Instagram page. And they always show love to us on our page as well!

4 – SwagRag

Swag Rag (swagragofficial) on Instagram

@swagragofficial was probably the hottest wave page on Instagram in 2020. I remember when this page seemed just like any other regular wave page that was trying to solely promote their durags and 360 wave products but the page owner @doctor.guapo really turned this one around in 2020 and transformed it into a standout brand. SwagRag posts great content, mainly consisting of wave check videos with wavers wearing their products, but they do it flawlessly! What sets Swag Rag apart from the competition is their weekly wave check party that goes down on Instagram live every Sunday night. We have tuned in to a few of the Sunday live’s and honestly every one has been a great time. We have seen some of the top names in the wave game tap in on SwagRag’s Instagram live including 360 Jeezy and a few others. This is definitely a page to be following, you can even shop some of their products on our site or use code EVERYWAVER on your next Swag Rag purchase for a discount!

5 – WaveBuilder

WaveBuilder on Instagram

Wave Builder is an OG in hair care products and @wavebuilder lands the #3 spot on our list of the top wave pages on Instagram because of their eye catching, high quality content. I’m not sure who is in charge of their social media posts and graphic designs but they are doing a hell of a job! Although this page primarily posts product advertisements, Wave Builder also posts a fair amount of content with 360 waves tips, but so elegantly. Not to mention that when my wave journey first started, their products were the first products that I used on the regular. Highly recommended.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just now getting into waves, or a seasoned professional, these are no doubt the best wave pages on Instagram. Give these pages a follow to add some motivation, inspiration, and flavor to your news feed.