These 7 things are keeping you from getting 360 waves

These 7 things are keeping you from getting 360 waves

The 7 deadly wave killers

Have you ever tried to get 360 waves? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because of the discipline needed to start and maintain your luxurious hairstyle. So what do you do? Many people have found success by using different techniques. To me it’s more if a “what you’re doing wrong”  wave thing. There are 7  main mistakes for the beginner waver. As a waver and barber; I  have conducted my share of  detective work to bring you accurate info, tips, and recommendations from customers and clients that represent you all. Here are 7 major things to watch out for on you wave journey. Avoid these at all costs!

• Not ragging up before sleep 

• Not ragging up during any activity around humidity 

• Giving up too soon from lack of wave progression. 

• Poor hygiene

• Using the wrong products 

• Using the wrong tools

• Not enough tools and products (everywaver app, brushes, combs , rags, etc)

1 – Not ragging up at night

Let’s be honest. Nobody feels like ragging up after right before bed. But remember it only takes an extra 2 minutes to preserve all the brushing you did through out the day. It will take a little trial and error to find out what durag is most convenient for you. They are compression caps, bandana, scarves, etc and there are thousand of wave product vendors and retailers everywhere.

2 – Not ragging up in humid conditions

 Humidity is the worst enemy to all wavers. Wherever it’s hot and steamy, or a lot of perspiration, those are the signs to wrap your waves up immediately. Even if your going to run a few miles or hit the gym. Trust me; you have to “rag up” and save all that brush work you be putting in.

3 – Lack of motivation

 I see a lot of giving up in this wave game. Just because your 360 waves aren’t coming in as fast as you would like; that doesn’t mean to throw your brushes away.  Giving up to soon in your wave journey is the probably the biggest disappointment to me. So many beginners just give up way too soon. There isn’t a wave overnight recipe to 360 waves. Even if you get your hair to lay down fast; it won’t be at a elite level. Training your 360 waves will take at least few months at a time to see results. Yup  brush your hair 500 times a day in each section!!!

4 – Poor hygiene

To be honest, some aspiring wavers just don’t wash their hair enough. Some wavers don’t wash their duras enough or forget clean their brushes regularly. Poor hair hygiene can lead to wavers getting dermatitis, dry scalp, alopecia, etc. Please practice good hair habits so it can look , smell, be luxuriously wavy.

5 – Using the wrong products

There  are a few things you should know before you buy brushes and pomades trying to implement a wave regiment. To  ensure your  waves get to the level you need them to be ; first you must understand the importance of using  good products.  A simple example, constant use of chemical hair products could predispose one’s scalp to some diseases and skin allergies.

Quality natural products primary job is to help strengthen our hair follicles and enhance hair growth. For my wavers already losing their hair, it reduces the rate at which the strands fall out or off. Please research these bare essentials that you must have in order to be spinning.

• A good pomade

• A good moisturizer (natural)

• A shampoo and conditioner (natural preferred

6 – Using the wrong tools

Beginner wavers usually have to wrong tools also. Make sure your waver toolbox consists of 

• Durag ( for saving progress)

  • EveryWaver app (for keeping up with your progress, wolfing, and just staying aware of the wave lifestyle)

• Shower cap( for hot showers and bathes)

• Brushes (soft for shorter waves, hard for longer wave patterns)

• Combs(for getting to the root of wolfing hair)

7 – Lack of tools

Not enough tools….. this means that a waver with one brush and durag will always be loosing his tools.  Most wavers I know keep a lot of brushes and durags. Support the wave game and purchase from different brush vendors or pomade companies. You gonna need the extras. Don’t let loosing your wave brush or wave comb stop your spinning. Don’t let loosing your durag stop your ripples. Keep a lot of everything and you will be prepared.

Make sure your you stay away from these 7 things. If you do stay away from these wave killers then you’ll be spinning like your favorite celebrity or Instagram waver

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