360 Waves Moisturizer – Olive Oil Hair Lotion Review

When it comes to choosing a good 360 waves moisturizer, the options are overwhelming. There’s literally hundreds of oils, creams, lotions, etc but one that has been pretty consistent and given me great results from day one is Ors olive oil cream.

Growing up my nana would always pour some cooking olive oil on her hand and put it all over her hair. Her hair was always healthy and shiny. So of course I tried it and it would give me that shine I wanted but I just didn’t like the smell. I went to my local Wal-Mart and bought this product because I was in a pinch and needed to get a decent brush session in before work.

Key Points:

Price: You can get a bottle of this stuff for like $3 at Wal-Mart. Although it is dirt cheap, it’s still a good quality product that gets the job done. I honestly think that it’s top tier along with some of the bigger name products out there. For such a low price, it definitely doesn’t hurt to keep this in your product aresnal.

Smell: The fragrance of this moisturizer is phenomenal. Usually when I think of “cheap” products like this, I can smell the scent of Luster’s Pink or some of the Dollar Store greases, but this one is unique. And it actually doesn’t give off any kind of olive smell. It’s more a subtle, sweet, and clean “fresh” smell.

Texture: The texture of a moisturizer is very important for the overall experience. Some can be too runny, some can be almost as thick as pomades. This one falls a little closer to the thick side, but it’s just right. I prefer for my moisturizers to be a little more “firm” and this is just that. It’s definitely more of a “hair lotion”.

Final rating: Olive Oil Hair Lotion get’s a 7.5 out of 10 from us. It’s great for coarse hair waves, or just any black hair in general. The price is unbeatable, but one downfall of the product is it’s longevity. I often find that I will need to use this product multiple times throughout the day to keep hair moisture at a good level.


Note this product does not leave your hair shiny and it’s not a magic wave butter. It gives your hair temporary moisture and control. It makes it feel thicker and for a waver specifically, it’s pretty much just a great anytime all-purpose moisturizer and brush session booster.

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