Power Wave Wave Check Durag review

Power Wave Wave Check Durag review

When it comes to buying a new durag, it’s usually not too complicated. Durags are fairly simple at their core, so when I’m trying to spend my hard earned money on a new one, I want it to really be some pressure. I want my new durag to be different. So a couple of days ago I decided to hit up the beauty supply store and see what this “Wave Check Durag” by Bow Wow was talking about.

Bow Wow Power Wave Wave Check Durag

Presentation – First off just to get one good point out of the way, the packaging on these is fire. That’s where they get you. It’s a slick looking plastic packaging that shows off the see through style of the durag. Which is the other cool point with this rag, it really does look pretty slick when you’re just looking at it. But when you actually put it on it’s just kind of awkward.

Looks like a fancy mesh rag to me. Maybe?

Material – The one thing (and probably the main thing) that isn’t too appealing about the wave check durag is the material that it’s made out of. For some reason I was expecting this to be some type of silky, but it isn’t at all. It almost feels like a light mesh material. Almost too light to the point where if I tie it slightly too tight it would rip in half. The first thing that came to mind when I felt this durag in my hands was those little bags of bird seeds that people have at their weddings. Like solid but unreliable.

Price – The cost wasn’t a huge deal, but definitely not worth it in my opinion. This durag costed $5 but I’ve seen very similar ones like this, that aren’t necessarily “see through” for $2 and even 99 cents at other stores. It’s a very cheap material, so you’re going to be paying an extra 3-4 dollars just because it’s a household name.

Usage – This definitely isn’t something that you want to wear for actual compression. Even in the middle of my wolf this thing could not keep my hair laid down with a standard tie. This makes you inclined to want to tie it tighter, but the fear of ripping it will keep you from doing that. I wore it for a couple of hours and it always seemed to slip off of steadily become looser throughout typical daily tasks like just walking around the house sweeping the floor. I DO believe that this could be a decent wash rag though. The material that it’s made out of is perfect for a wash and style, but that’s about it.

It might stay on your head if the wind isn’t blowing

Final Verdict – I’m sorry Bow Wow, but the Wave Check Durag is over hyped. And overpriced. We would rate this product a 3/10, only because it can be used with a wash and style OR if you just want something light weight to wear to the gym or something. Other than that, probably not worth the buy. If you want to show off your waves while wearing a durag, you’re better off just working your way up to a good depth to where you’re just naturally “bussin through the rag”

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