Brushing 360 Waves – Do’s and Don’ts

Brushing 360 Waves – Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to getting better 360 waves, the questions are endless but the answer is constant. BRUSH YOUR HAIR. But often as beginner wavers get this answer, it’s not as simple as just “brush your hair”. You can “just” brush your hair and actually end up f*cking up your waves rather than actually improving your 360 waves. If you want more improvement than f*cking, then check out our do’s and dont’s to brushing your waves.


Use a mirror – Brushing without a mirror is a big mistake, especially for beginning wavers. You need to use a hand mirror for the back of your head and areas that you can’t see well. Ideally you want to use a mirror while you’re brushing your entire head. This keeps your strokes consistent and will help prevent forks later down the road

Wear a durag EVERY SINGLE NIGHT – Put simply, not wearing your durag when you go to sleep will cause you to lose progress. As you toss and turn in your sleep, your pattern will get f*cked up and you will lose moisture.

Use a hard brush if possible – The harder the brush the better. In order to hit both your top and deep down low curls. Do NOT use a hard brush if your hair is too low because obviously you’ll end up damaging your scalp.


Spend hours a day brushing your hair – Despite the popular opinion, you absolutely do not have to brush your hair for 8 hours a day. For someone just starting out with waves, you’re probably good with a solid 1 hour total of brushing in a day. Just make sure you hit every single spot that you can ACCURATELY.

Put too much product in your hair – If you’re just starting out on your wave journey, you don’t need to use a ton of product to get your shits spinning. Maybe a good pomade to lay and lock everything in place, but don’t sweat putting too much grease on your head. At this stage of your wave journey, they biggest key is wearing your durag. Yes, keep your hair moisturized but overdoing it right now is only going to hold you back because the shorter your hair is, the easier it is for you to clog your pores and ultimately slow down your hair growth.

Over Wolf – Wolfing is the process of letting your hair grow out in order to better your connections and ultimately get better looking waves. To keep thing short, the recommended length to wolf is in 4-8 week increments. Anything over that and you could possibly do more harm than good. Don’t think that just because your hair is getting longer that your waves underneath are getting better. Unless your hair is still manageable, try to avoid “sticking out” a wolf just to go longer.

Compare your waves to 360 Jeezy – Comparing your 2 week old waves to someone who has 2 year waves is probably the most discouraging thing that you can do as a beginning waver. Often times when we search for “how to get waves” on google we will get redirected to a video from an Elite waver who has been doing this for years, has perfect spinners and tons of clout. Search results often overlook the wavers who are in the same boat as you are, a beginner level waver who is only days into the process and is just looking for rookie help. You then get obsessed with how elite wavers look and expect to get that result in a couple of weeks or days when in reality it takes a couple of years. You brush for hours a day only to realize that you aren’t on that level and eventually you give up because waves “just aren’t for you”. Waving takes time. It’s a lifestyle, not a hairstyle. Results don’t come overnight!