EveryWaver Elite Subscription Now Available

With the all new Elite subscription on the EveryWaver app, you can get much more than just in app content. So here’s what you get:

🌊 Everything in Spin and Ripple subscriptions

🌊 Exclusive Elite member discounts on merch and products on everywaver.com.

🌊 +Monthly Elite Waver Club newsletter – You will be a part of our “Elite Waver Club” who will receive monthly emails with exclusive content, product deals and promotions, etc.

🌊 +Monthly care packages – Elite Wavers receive a monthly 360 wave product in the mail EVERY MONTH. The surprise product could be anything from a durag to moisturizer samples to who knows what.

🌊 +Lifetime support and sponsorship – Being an Elite Waver on EveryWaver is more than just free perks. It’s also about the relationship that we build with you. We will know you. And our inbox will always be open to you if you need wave tips or want to get something posted on our Instagram or anything else that you might need!

(Requires valid email address. Email welcome and confirmation will be sent within 24 hours)

Elite membership can be purchased via the “Upgrades” section of the app. Check it out and step your wave game up.