EveryWaver 360 Waves app – Version 2.0 now available

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Bringing 360 wave brushing tools and progress log to iOS

Just like with developing 360 waves, it’s been a long process to get to this point, but the everywaver app is finally starting to resemble what I envisioned it being when I first came up with the concept in 2018. Until now, only the Android version of everywaver had the brush session and progress log tools. Mainly because it’s much easier to get apps onto Google Play, and most of my experience is in Android development. But finally, after hella hard work and hours of designing, building, etc, the iOS version finally has gotten the tools! Here’s a brief overview of the two new additions:

Brush Session Tool – Whether you want to hit an hour session or a 15 minute quickie, the brush session tool has you covered. The first of it’s kind for a mobile app, the brush session tool walks you through a timed set of instructions or “steps” to follow in order to properly brush your hair to achieve 360 waves. Follow the directions as you see then on the screen, brush your hair, and you’re on your way to elite waver status.

Progress Log – Keep track of your wave journey from start to finish. As a waver, sometimes it’s hard to remember how long we’ve been wolfing or when the last time we got a shape up. The progress log allows you to easily keep track of “events” throughout your 360 waves journey including brush sessions, getting haircuts and putting on a durag.

A better layout

One of the annoyances of the first version of everywaver to me was the design and navigation. What seemed at first to be a great design quickly turned into a “wtf is this built like this”. Previously, to get around in the app you had to select an option from a pull out menu but I quickly realized that as the content of the app grew over time and more tools/features got added, it just got cluttered and messy. So the solution was to build a more “upfront” app that uses tabs instead. Keeping the most used/most popular screens front and center. Those being the blog posts, videos, tools annnnnnnd

EveryWaver Shop

The other new addition to this new version of the app is the shop section. We just started designing some pretty cool waver merch like hats and tees. The products that are currently up for sell on the shop are pretty basic right now, but in the very near future our online store is going to be SLAM packed with stuff. You’re going to find a lot of surprises in here very very soon.

App now requires login

If you want to use any of the new waver tools, you have to create a free EveryWaver account. It only takes like 5 seconds, but you have to have one in order to save your brush sessions and progress logs.

No more video categories

There were just really too many categories of videos on the previous app. And I can’t lie, there was somewhat of a quantity over quality mindset. But now, we only have one category of videos and it’s just VIDEOS. Specifically, high quality videos. Everyday you’ll see 2 or 3 new videos in this section and it can be anything from a brush session or product review to how to self cut a taper. If it’s good, we’ll post it up.

Android bug fixes

Android was so broken and I’m so mad at ya’ll for not telling us. Like from the jump on the login screen. But all that should be good to go now.

Overall, EveryWaver is slowly evolving into a full blown one stop shop for everything about 360 waves and everything FOR 360 waves. I’m excited to get the next version out. Ya’ll are REALLY going to love what’s next. I have a whole project plan for the next TWO YEARS. This is only the beginning so you better get on board now!

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