360 Waves App – Introducing the EveryWaver mobile app

360 Waves App – Introducing the EveryWaver mobile app

Due to a handful of similarly named websites and social media accounts, Waves Unlimited has officially made the decision to rebrand ourselves for the unique 360 waves app that we offer. We are now EveryWaver!

Since the launch of our website and new mobile app under our new name, we have received so much support from you all and just wanted to make this an official statement. EveryWaver is here to stay!

As part of this process we have also renamed our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) to be found @EveryWaver and will soon be completely migrating all of the content from this site (wavesultd.com) to everywaver.com.

In case you didn’t know, our new app is straight fire. If you’re interested in what it offers, read below our app store description and check out our new promo video!

360 waves, 540 waves and 720 waves are one of the most popular hairstyles among the curly haired. But achieving, monitoring and maintaining waves can be a frustrating, long and challenging process.

The Waver App is your one stop shop for everything about waves from brushing, durags, methods and more. With EveryWaver’s slam packed content and tools, you’ll be an elite waver in no time. Be in the know within the world of top wavers via our news and articles section or stay on top of your game using one of our tools.

No matter if you rocking 360 waves, 540 waves or 720 waves, EveryWaver is exactly what the name is…..for EVERY. WAVER! Our app has everything you care about from tips to the latest happenings.


Brush Session Tool – Whether you want to hit an hour session or a 15 minute quickie, the brush session tool has you covered. The first of it’s kind for a mobile app, the brush session tool walks you through a timed set of instructions or “steps” to follow in order to properly brush your hair to achieve waves. Follow the directions as you see then on the screen, brush your hair, and you’re on your way to elite waver status.

Progress Log – Keep track of your wave journey from start to finish. As a waver, sometimes it’s hard to remember how long we’ve been wolfing or when the last time we got a shape up. The progress log allows you to easily keep track of “events” throughout your wave journey including brush sessions, getting haircuts and putting on a durag.

Articles – Read the latest in waver news, product reviews, wave checks and more via exclusive content from everywaver.com

Videos – Watch and learn from the best. Our videos sections features only top quality videos of wave checks, haircuts, product reviews and 360 wave tips for both male and female wavers alike.

Elite Wavers – High quality videos from some of the best 360 wavers in the game including 360 Jeezy, Poppy Blasted and Sir Cruse.

Waver resources have never been so easy access. And getting deeper waves has never had a better tool. If you love being a waver and take this lifestyle seriously, then this is everything that you’ve ever wanted, in the palm of your hand. EVERY waver needs everywaver. Download now and take a dive into the spinning sea of waves!