360 Waves Brush Review – Torino Pro by Brownie Blends

What is your favorite 360 waves brush for developing a more defined pattern? If you’re a vet in the wave game, the Torino Pro probably most definitely comes to mind. Honestly, I love the Torino brushes and think they’re the best that you can get. Barber and model, @brownieblends goes into great detail about the Torino Bro brush in this product review video. If you’re debating which brush you should buy next, give this a look.

Whether you’re new to the wave game or been brushing for years, it’s very important to keep a quality 360 waves brush in your arsenal and the Torino Pro brushes are exactly that. Quality. Out of all of the 360 wave brushes that I’ve owned, these have been the most durable and long lasting ones.

Another good thing about the Torino Pro brushes is the variety. As you can clearly see from this video, they come in a nearly endless amount of colors and styles. I don’t know about you, but it’s something about using a brush that matches my fit that just makes me feel like an elite waver.

Speaking of brushes, did you know that the EveryWaver app has a FREE brushing tool that walks you through a 360 wave brush session? Seriously, we have a whole app available for your iPhone or Android. Download it today and take your wave journey on the go!