Featured Female Waver – wavers_zone

Female Wavers are KILLING the 360 waves game right now. We caught up with one of the best on IG.

If you follow everywaver on Instagram, you know that we only like to feature the best wavers on our page. Quality 360 waves is what we look for, and although its often hard to come across unique wavers to put on our pedestal, @wavers_zone wasn’t a hassle. We had the brief pleasure to get in touch with her for a brief written interview. With no further introduction, let’s get to know @wavers_zone.


I’m a biracial waver born and raised in the Midwest. I love football season and always cheer for my home team, the Detroit Lions. My hobbies are sprinting and music. And, I plan to write songs of my own in the future. 

When and why did you start waving?

I first started waving in 2017 when I got inspired by YouTubers 360 Jeezy and Sir Cruse. However, after a few months, I dropped the waves to let my hair grow. I wanted to give cornrows a try, plus I wanted to sharpen up my barbering skills using my hair for practice. I have had several hairstyles between 2017 and early 2019: cornrows, fades, a mohawk, topknot, pompadour and, eventually bald. With a clean slate, I decided to get waves again. 

What is your favorite product?

My favorite product is Cold Label Wave & Scalp Butter. It’s got a nice consistency, smells good, keeps my hair in place and makes it shine like your grandaddy’s 24-inch rims.

What do you think sets a female waver apart from a male waver?

Keeping it 100, being female is what sets us apart.

How can other aspiring wavers find you online?

My only social media is Instagram

It was great getting to know an elite female waver. If you want to find more of our featured wavers, make sure to download the free everywaver app for your iPhone or Android and follow us on Instagram for some of the best 360 waves content you’ll ever find online!