PB The Goat just copped a new Ferrari

If you don’t know by now, PB The Goat (Poppy Blasted) is one of the legends in the wave game. PB is an OG YouTube waver with a channel called Poppy Blasted where he posts a mix of hairstyling videos, in particular 360 wave tutorials, as well as reactions and story times. He has accrued more than 270,000 subscribers over the years and has also gained a massive following on Instagram for his wave care product line “PB The Goat Merch”. Particularly, his famous “Goat Drip Butter”.

pb the goat ferrari

The Goat Drip brand must be doing exceptionally well, considering that Poppy that purchased a new Ferrari a couple of days ago! This is what we like to see, waver excellence! Just goes to show you that with a little hard work and dedication, you achieve your goals. Congrats to the OG PB!