Hot Towel Method For 360 Waves

The hot towel method is useful to moisturize your hair and create depth in your 360 waves. For this method you will need a towel, brush, pomade and moisturizer. The purpose of the hot towel method is to bring moisture to you hair because it stretches and waves up best when it is damp and hot.

Steps for the 360 waves hot towel method:

  1. Get a towel
  2. Dampen the towel with water
  3. Microwave the towel for about a minute
  4. While in the microwave put pomade and moisturizer in your hair
  5. Brush pomade or moisturizer throughout your hair well
  6. Take towel out, make sure it is not too hot then apply it on your head
  7. Leave for 2-5 minutes in order for pomade to melt and moisturizer to lock in
  8. Brush like hell
  9. Rag up
  10. Be wavy

360 hot towel method further explained:

Personally, i’ve been using this method since I first started my wave journey. It was actually the first “method” that I used when I wanted to get on spin mode. The hot towel method is not only easy but very effective.

One extra note that I would throw in there would be to rag up IMMEDIATELY after brushing.

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