The 360 Wave Process – How long does it take?

How long does it take to get 360 waves? This is the question of the year, my fellow wavers. Why do I say that? Look around. It’s hard to get motivation for waves when your the only guy doing them. It’s definitely not as common as it once was, which gives you the most ultimate respect when you have them. As humans, we love having things that others don’t. It’s what makes it even valuable in the first place. The reason why it’s so hard for some people to get 360 waves, is because it actually takes some work. It’s hard to work at something that your not going to see the results for without a week or two of some serious brushing. It takes time, patience, and persistence. But don’t worry, if you keep the end in mind and keep brushing YOU WILL have the 360 waves. They are extremely rare and not seen very often, which already gives you signs of being a person of higher value. This is why so many celebrity’s develop 360 waves. It’s another fashion statement that we as humans perceive as higher status. Examples of some celebrities with waves:

Get 360 waves

 (Drake, Rapper/Entertainer) 

360 wave brush

 (Dwayne Wade, NBA) 

360 waves meek mill

 (Meek Mill, Rap/Entertainment).

As we all know, repetition is the mother of skill. How long it takes to develop 360 waves depends on how often you are brushing and what type of hair you have. Nappy Hair: 8-10 weeks Straight Hair: 4-6 weeks This time period is also including the wolfing, durag while your sleeping and all the other necessities. I also want to add putting numbers to how many strokes you are doing per day. This is an easy way to stay on track with how much progress you are making and develop a strong routine. Most guys typically do 500 strokes a day. This may seem like a lot at first, but if you break it up into “smaller sessions” you can easily get this done. What’s best is to include them into your morning and night routines: Morning: 150 strokes during shower Throughout the Day: 200 strokes Night: 150 strokes before you sleep The best way to not lose motivation is to do it EVERYDAY. Literally, add it in your routine. Now that you have the basic steps, what’s next is to not loose motivation. If you miss one day, your going to miss even more or just stop the process entirely. When your not consistent and persistent,  you lose everything. To summarize:

  • Establish a brushing routine.
  • Find out what kind of hair you have!
  • Add stroke numbers for easy tracking
  • Do it everyday
  • Use the EveryWaver app