EveryWaver Rankings – The hottest new feature on the app

The latest update on the EveryWaver app has everyone scrambling for their best kill shot. Introducing the Rankings screen.

Ratings matter, get active and get your score up!

Those ratings that you’ve been getting on your EveryWaver posts are finally going to pay off. Introducing the all new Rankings page on the app, ranking the top 100 rated wavers on EveryWaver with average scores of 3 and up! So that means that you always need to be on your A-game when posting content on EveryWaver.

If you aren’t ranked in the top 100, you can now simply view your overall score on your (or any other members) profile!

If you’re a waver and not actively using EveryWaver, you’re missing out big time. We’re bringing out the big guns this summer and getting ready to take our product to the next level for y’all!

How do I view the rankings?

Stop asking yourself who the best wavers on our app are because now you can see for yourself! The rankings screen is located at the very top of the menu (where the Wolf Tracker, Brush Session, etc. can be found). We put this option at the top of the menu because we feel like it is the most important part of the app at this point, it’s what brings the community together for a fun and competitive environment.

What’s in it for me?

We are about to start recognizing our top Every Wavers on the rankings page every now and then, to keep y’all posted on who’s making moves on the app! Obviously, the higher you’re ranked the more likely you are to get more followers on your EveryWaver or Instagram account due to higher visibility. We also plan on adding app-specific incentives in the future.

Shoutout to @360_juic3 , @misstuhhwaveman and @sir.mikewavesalot for holding it down throughout April!

How do I get ranked?

To get ranked, you need an average score of at least 3.00 on all of your EveryWaver posts. Your score updates every time you open the app and complete 1 interaction, such as liking a post, rating a post, leaving a comment, starting a brush session, etc. So at the moment, the key to getting your higher is to just post high quality content and engage with the app. Later down the road rankings will be a little more complex, adding in your battle record and other factors into your score (just a heads up). But for now it’s pretty simple!

Think you can make the top of the list? Download the app and drop some heat! 🔥